Digital Marketing

The digital climate of the world is constantly evolving and even the virtual world holds a salient place for marketing within it. Though developments in software are taking place, the returns on investment are heavily dependent upon digital marketing. Digital marketing puts your company and brand out on the world’s stage, reaching it to every nook and corner, aimed precisely at the target audience the content is made for. Digital marketing plays a major role in the ‘make or break’ of a business.

At Humanity Infotek, we provide you an extensive array of unique digital marketing services to help make your business spring into success. Growing your business online and placing it tactically making its presence felt all over the social media gives your business the upper hand. Humanity Infotek is constantly updating itself with the latest trends in social media marketing thereby coming up with new ideas every day to provide homegrown digital solutions to make your business campaigns and promotions realize their true value.

Humanity Infotek’s dedicated SEO team works tirelessly to make your content clutch free and glitch free. Many businesses trudge with the burden of missed potentials, lack of a robust online presence, and hindered or poor use of SEOs. At Humanity Infotek, we aim to clear the clutter and organically elevate your digital presence to the creamy layer of the virtual world.

Initially, we spend time in the observational phase where we observe the technical set-up of a company’s SEO strategy and layout to decipher any missed opportunities and the areas that can be bettered.

Removal of technical complications, optimization of potentials, creating the right foundation for growing the business, detailed technical and site speed audits, optimization of page titles, meta descriptions, creation of SEO-friendly URLS, optimization of images, and canonical tags are a few of the many areas we cover to drive your website towards realization of true potential and Return on Investment.

The strategies that are put forth in regard to bettering the SEO are all towards ensuring that your site has good search visibility and can perform to potential thereby gets a step ahead of competitors.

With social media taking centre stage in the digital world, digital marketing has had to change its approach. Though the presence of webpages still holds a salient place in the digital world, social media has a stronger presence among the masses and has become a part of their lives. People need to willingly come to a web page, but when it comes to social media, it is present in their desktops and phone displays. The time people spend on social media and its influence greatly outweighs webpages.

Digital marketing was once heavily dependent upon SEOs. However, with the boom of social media, the tides have altered and now social media optimization (SMO) is as important or even more so than SEOs.

Social media optimization is a nifty tool, if when utilized properly can be put to use to increase brand awareness, promote products and services, connect real-time with customers to inform or get feedback from them and prevent or alleviate possible obliterative news.

Contemporary social media marketing is not just limited to posting content online. The demographic and psychographic research that goes into social media marketing plays a major role in the outcome of the results. Since the content reaches people individually, factors such as target audience, their psychology, their geography, their requirements and interests etc. must be taken into consideration. Accordingly, the content and placement of the content in the social media platforms must be derived and delivered.

A digital campaign consists of two aspects and both must be taken into consideration with equal weightage. The artistic aspect and the scientific aspect. Each campaign must be smart, must engage the audience, and must be deeply linked to your business and brand.

At the end of the day, driving relevant traffic to a website is achieved via two ways, organic and paid. Paid advertising consists of techniques such as Search Engine marketing and Pay per click which can be found in a galore of platforms.

Humanity Infotek goes full out to study and monitor the ever-evolving online consumer behaviours, the technologies involved, the software and various platforms and user interaction patterns to keep apace and provide our customers dynamic, contemporary and the latest in all our services.

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