Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing course by Humanity Infotek will help you gain expertise in various digital marketing aspects such as Keyword Planning, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Google Analytics. This Digital Marketing certification training is a gateway towards your career as a Digital Marketing professional.

Course Curriculum

  • What is Internet SEO marketing
  • Working with web search
  • How Search engine Works
  • Various Method in internet marketing
  • Google Algorithm Concept
  • Latest updates and Verification
  • Importance Google Page Rank
  • Working with SEO tools
  • Art of SEO content
  • Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates

  • Overview of keyword research
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Various types of Keywords
  • What is Local SEO services
  • How to Preparing a keyword
  • Keywords based tools
  • Working with Webmaster tools

  • Website designing and build website
  • Importance of Website
  • Working with User experience development
  • Basics of Onsite Optimization
  • Importance of web Domain names and SEO content writing
  • Working with file optimization
  • Working with Title tag optimization
  • How to keywords inserted
  • Working with meta tags
  • Understanding the meta tags Optimization
  • Working Header Optimization
  • Working with Anchor Links
  • Understanding Internal link Strategy

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Header and Footer Tags
  • What is 404 Implementation
  • Understanding SEO guidelines
  • What are the Major Search engines
  • Define Google Sandbox
  • Determine Website Architecture
  • Working with Heading tags
  • How to optimize Heading Optimization
  • How to optimize Title Tag Optimization
  • Working with Image Optimization
  • Working with URL Optimization

  • How Inbound Linked and Backlinks works.
  • Understanding Inbound Links used in Search Engine Optimize.
  • What are the Natural and Unnatural Linked
  • Define Backlinks and various types in backlinks.
  • Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow linking
  • Importance of Non-Editorial Linked and Editorial Linked.
  • Understanding the Dofollow links and authority sites.
  • Why Concept of PR is used & works with high define backlinks.
  • How Website submit on various Search Engines.
  • Importance of .ORG linked
  • Working Backlinks from different websites.
  • How DMOZ submit and guidelines.
  • Define Directories, Various types in directory & Directory Submit.
  • What are the Business lists with real NAP on various city specific business directories.
  • Various high rate Social Bookmarked Websites and submit.
  • How SEO Content write & article submit.
  • Working with blogs and prepare article.
  • How Blog posting works with Google crawling.
  • What are the value of high rate blog comment on the article.
  • Why Classified backlinks to good quality posting websites.
  • Define Press Release and submissions.
  • Define Alexa rank & Alexa integrating.
  • Working backlinks in web 2.0.
  • How to Youtube optimize and internal linked from broadcasting sites.
  • PowerPoint and shared documents and submit.
  • What are the Internal Links from questions and answer sites.
  • How to Backlink Anchor Text for SEO
  • Working with Link building and Social Network platform.
  • How Google Plus content optimize.

  • How used Website structure optimize high loading.
  • What are the uses of CSS and Javascript Sprite.
  • How to short the HTTP call.
  • Define Content Deliver Network management.
  • Factors of mobile Responsive Website design .
  • Search Engine URL rewrite technique with .HTACCESS.
  • Factors of Redirection.
  • 301 Permanent in Redirection and 302 Temporary in Redirection.
  • How to checking Duplicate Content and Canonical.
  • Working with Rel Canonical tag implements.
  • Cannibal issue and fix.
  • 404 Broken links analysis and redirection.
  • Custom 403, 404 page develop.
  • Factors of sitemaps .xml, and file.
  • How to RSS file prepare.
  • Robots.txt file prepared and uses.
  • Quality analysis of Internal Links, Google webmaster tool.

  • Define Google Search and Webmaster.
  • Understanding Integrating Google Search Concept and website or blog.
  • How Google Search Concept works.
  • MS Bing Webmaster Integrating.
  • Define Google Analytics and advantages.
  • Define SEO Data Analytics and Data Mining.
  • Different Reporting from Google Analytics.

  • Site analysis and audit.
  • Site in various SEO tools.
  • Various types of Google Algorithm updates.
  • How to recover from Panda updates.
  • How to recover from Penguin updates.
  • How to recover from Hummingbird updates.
  • How to recover from Pigeon updates.
  • How to recover from EMD updates.

  • Adwords and online ad introduction
  • Basics of campaign and adword account
  • Set up of PPC campaign
  • Ad formats of adwords
  • CTR rates
  • Issues of ad quality and policies
  • Impressions
  • Conversion acquaintance
  • Cost conservation knowledge
  • Network ads of search and display
  • Targeting adwords
  • Performance optimization
  • Google ad display
  • Tracking of conversion
  • Monitoring performance

  • Ad groups and campaign introduction
  • Keywords, ad groups and campaigns introduction
  • Estimations of traffic and bidding
  • Creation of ads
  • Choosing of right keyword
  • Optimization of campaign
  • Reports of Bing ads
  • Intelligence tools of Bing ads
  • Campaign analytics tracking conversion
  • Budgeting of Bing ads
  • Optimization editor campaign of Bing ads
  • Billing of Bing ads
  • Account management tip of Bing ads

  • SMO-Social Media Optimization
  • About social media
  • Social media in business
  • Integration with websites
  • Types of social media
  • User engagement statics
  • Social Media Organization surveys
  • Social media platforms
  • Vision and brand decoding
  • Goals and missions

  • Branding a service or a product
  • Business leveraging
  • Creating a profile
  • Creating a page
  • Creating a group
  • Creating an advertisement
  • Creating an event
  • Face book updates
  • Resources in Face book
  • Case studies
  • Integration
  • Hidden buttons and Layout
  • Tricks and creation in Face book
  • Hash tags
  • Stories, posts, like events.

  • Building business and brand
  • Creating a profile
  • Content of search engine
  • User engagements in twitter page
  • Hash tags
  • Networking sites
  • Related Case studies

  • Linked In
  • Business orientation
  • Role of HR department
  • Linked In role
  • Creating a profile
  • Creating a company page
  • Creating a group

  • Creating a profile
  • Creating company profile
  • Social buttons
  • Video posting
  • Keywords
  • Advertising through videos

  • Social book marking
  • Its use in branding
  • Press release and slide share
  • Flicker and Instagram
  • Article submission

  • Creation of bogs
  • Creating a page
  • Word press
  • Adding of posts
  • Blogging.

  • Class
  • Social media
  • Development of social media in managing information aggregators
  • Social media definition
  • Google alert blogs

  • Copy right
  • In-house guidelines
  • Legal side in Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Implications in trademarks
  • Tumbler
  • Blogger
  • Set up
  • Service influences
  • Word press

  • Bookmarking
  • Setup and management
  • Majority female target audience
  • Profile interest
  • LinkedIn tips
  • Guides
  • Visual social media

  • SMM and SEO
  • Hangouts
  • SEO
  • SEO determination
  • Authorship
  • Set-up Google+
  • Company profile
  • Video platforms
  • Channel managing content
  • You tube
  • Organic search
  • Google’s role
Monday To Friday

Morning Timings
10:30 AM to 01:00 PM

Monday To Friday

Evening Timings
03:30 PM to 06:00 PM

Saturday And Sunday


Training Includes

  • 2 Days Session on ISTB
  • 5 Model Tests
  • Preparation Guide
  • 1 Day session on Interview Tips
  • 2 Days Session on FAQs and Answers
  • 5 Mock Interviews and Guidance


Sucessfully complete your final course project and CloudSwab will certify you as a Software Tester.
You will be learning different levels of testing, test environment setup concepts of software testing.


Each class will be followed by a test to assess your learning.
Online & Offline Instructor-Led Classes. Weekend Class sessions of 3 hours.

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